You’ve invested large amounts of time, energy, and money to build your city a stadium fit for your home team. But, while architecture, seating, and interior decorating are all quite important to your fans viewing experience, you can’t forget about the one big thing that can change a stadium from boring to great: your sports lighting.  

These fans have paid for their seats. They want to see their team in the best possible light. Increased attention to lighting will give your fans increased viewing clarity, which means they’ll be able to see all of action during their sporting event. How does the LAS, LLC team help improve the viewing experience for your fans?  

We can optimize the sports lighting in both indoor and outdoor stadiums. Our unique, specially design architectural lighting systems that help illuminate your entire stadium. Plus, with our careful designs, we can maximize your energy efficiency, while even lowering operating costs and reducing your environmental impact. 

Of course, the sports arena is an important aspect to your fans experience. However, you might also consider the stadium and stadium lighting for your fans. The lighting of general access areas within your stadium can impact the mood of your fans. Highlight food areas, draw attention to personal amenities, or make sure your fans return back to their seats faster.  

Lastly, for outdoor stadiums, our outdoor lighting specialists can help light up the field for your fans. Now they can experience every moment and not miss a second of the action! Contact our lighting designers to begin creating a sportslighting plan for your stadium. We’ll deliver you a design that both you and your fans will appreciate.