Add an element of professionalism to your business with proper architectural lighting. What can an innovative lighting design do for your business? It can lower operating costs, reduce heat spots, and even affect the mood of your employees and clients. 

When the LAS, LLC team is preparing an architectural lighting design, we consider multiple factors. First we perform daylighting calculations to discover areas that are already well-lit from windows and natural light. Once we have collected this data we avoid adding additional light to those regions. If too much light is concentrated in one area, a hot spot can develop. Too many hot spots means that your air conditioning has to work much harder year round!  

Once we have concluded our daylighting calculations, the LAS, LLC team will look into flood lighting options for the exterior of your building. Lighting isn’t all about inside your business! The outside of your commercial building or retail space needs to be visible, attractive, and safe for viewers during the night and daytime. 

If you are ready to take your business to the next level of professionalism, consider the effect lighting has on your building. Proper architectural lighting doesn’t have to be boring. Or lighting design combine functionality and aesthetics to bring you light that looks and feels great. 

Contact the LAS, LLC team to begin work on your architectural lighting designs. We’ll create a beautiful well-lit space inside and outside your building. With our help, you could attract more customers, increase visibility, lower operating costs, and increase the safety of your space as well.