Are you designing your team’s dream stadium? Or maybe just upgrading the event lighting in an existing facility? We’re sure you’re plenty busy finding the perfect placement for your logo and integrating your team colors into the wall colors, but are you thinking about the lighting? Sport event lighting can improve your venue’s popularity, heighten the spectator experience, and assist the players in looking and performing their best. Lighting Application Sciences, LLC is a team of creative, highly trained sports lighting designers who are ready to tackle your lighting challenge. With well-designed sport event lighting, your venue can be used for multiple types of sports and different levels of competition, ease maintenance issues, and improve the aesthetics for your supporters! 

Our LAS, LLC team has worked with many different sports venues. We know that your venue is unique... It presents an individual set of challenges for us to tackle together. Our expert team has experience working with many different types of sports lighting. We’ve designed lighting for tennis courts, baseball fields, football fields, indoor pools, basketball courts, and more! LAS, LLC is equipped to fulfill all of your sports lighting needs. 

How will we design the lighting for your sports venue? At LAS, LLC we will use your written specification or IES Sport Lighting Recommended practices as a guide in lighting your event area. These high standards ensure your lighting system is equipped with appropriate wattage fixtures, aiming fixtures, and lighting levels. When your sports venue is well lit, you gain great benefits! A well-lit environment can improve your players focus during practice sessions or even during the big game. Plus, your fans will appreciate an easily visible court... It’ll be perfect for watching your team take the win. Lastly, quality sports lighting leads to a safer venue for you, your team, their fans, and your staff.