If you have only been researching roadway lighting because it is required for the approval of your project- then you are missing out! Roadway lighting is more than a mere annoyance and another requirement to meet. When roads are properly lit, the benefits are huge. See why you should be spending more time in investing in proper roadway lighting. It’s worth your attention.

- Promote Security: Especially in urban areas, proper roadway lighting will increase the sense of security for pedestrians and vehicles travelling at night. When lighting calculations have been properly configured to consider areas of high traffic- especially between pedestrians and vehicles- then the roadway lighting is most effective. With these careful calculations, brightly lit vehicles are less likely to be burglarized and well-lit walkways mean people are less likely to be stolen from. Keeping vehicles and pedestrians safe is a main benefit of roadway lighting!

- Increase the Quality of Life: Proper roadway lighting can help increase the quality of life in individuals in the communities nearest to and surrounding the road. With adequate roadway lighting, individuals are more likely to travel outside at nighttime. With these artificially extended hours, more activities can take place in the community- including sporting events, concerts, or holiday celebrations.

- Improve Safety: The greatest benefit that comes with proper roadway lighting is improved safety- both for drivers and pedestrians! According to a literature review of roadway lighting studies, roadway safety can be improved by up to 30% with an improvement in lighting. Additionally, a study conducted by the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology found that traffic accidents were always more likely to occur on unlit roadways when compared to lit roads.

Investing the time into proper roadway lighting calculations is worth your time. The benefits for the surrounding community and active drivers and pedestrians are numerous. Begin the conversation today! Contact LAS, LLC to begin your roadway lighting calculations.