Do you know how important lighting can be to your customers, their buying habits, and their perceptions of your store? When you are creating your retail image and branding, did you stop to consider your lighting? It’s not too late! Lighting Application Sciences, LLC is here to help. Our lighting experts will create a retail lighting design to fit with your store image, design, and needs so you can better serve your customers too! 

How do we aim to meet your retail lighting needs? First, the LAS, LLC team has numerous procedures in place to guarantee that we understand the look, design, and feel you have or want to have for your retail location. We are able to work with you to highlight special areas in your store, like your newest merchandise or your trending displays. Plus, our lighting calculations services can be applied to dressing rooms, or in display area to really reach your customer at the most important part of their decision. 

Your exterior retail lighting is also an important aspect in your customer’s minds… whether they realize it or not! We’ll help you achieve a look that speaks to your customers and expresses your image perfectly. Plus, your store should stand out from the crowd, and we can make your retail lighting unique to your store, so you do just that! 

LAS, LLC is happy to help with your retail lighting design. Our customized designs come from the minds of our hard-working, personable, and committed team members. If you have any questions during your design process, don’t hesitate to ask about adding new features to your retail lighting design. 

LAS, LLC has designed numerous interior and exterior lighting projects. Ask our experts for help design the best lighting for your retail store, both inside and out! You, and your customers, will be happy you did.