What’s a business without a place for all your customers to park? Now that you’ve paved your parking lot, the next step is making sure it’s safe for your customers and security staff. Parking lot lighting is essential to maintaining a safe environment for pedestrians. Lighting Application Sciences, LLC, or LAS, LLC, is your go-to choice for professional, beautifully designed lights. 

When we are designing your parking lot lighting, we consider a variety of factors to ensure a safe parking lot for you. First, we look at all of the critical zones in your parking lot. A critical zone is a high traffic area where there is great potential for pedestrian and vehicular contact. After we’ve designated these critical areas, we design a parking lot lighting system to provide a well-lit, safe environment for your guests. Our lights can be placed to benefit your security system cameras as well. 

As a business owner, LAS, LLC understands that your top priority is the safety of your customers and staff. The best way to provide a safe outdoor area is through well-placed parking lot lighting. When you choose LAS, LLC as your lighting experts, your parking lot lighting will be well developed to ensure the safety of your patrons and staff! With a well-lit parking lot, your customers and staff will feel and be safer walking to their cars, traveling into your store, and loading purchases into their vehicles. A well-designed parking lot lighting system reduces crime, violence, and vehicle damage..., which means your customers and staff will remember your business as a safe location to shop and work! 

Select LAS LLC as your lighting team. We will create an effective, and aesthetically pleasing parking lot lighting system for you. Keep all of your patrons safe.