For those clients who have a custom workspace within the LAS Onehub platform we are pleased to offer our first tutorial on managing and uploading documents & folders to your workspace.

For each project folder that is uploaded, we will create the following subfolders to house all documents related to that project. You will see the following subfolder titles : 1-For Client, Agi files, Client Uploads, Luminaires, Working files (this one only as needed).

1-For Client: where we will place all completed layouts for you to access. You will be notified by a comment posted to the project folder when your completed calculation is ready. 

Agi files: where we will place all files generated by our lighting software. If you do not have AGi these files will not be useful to you; but are here for staff to access OR if you need to send the Agi file to your client for any reason.

Client Uploads: Where all documents you have uploaded will be placed, including documents related to any revisions.

Luminaires: For luminaire cut sheets and IES files.

Working files: For any files our staff generates in order to assist in creation of your layout. These will likely be AGi files or Autocad files. Consider these incomplete or work-in-progress files. These are not intended to be distributed to your client as final product.