Are you building a new office building, relocating your corporate headquarters, expanding your reach, or just completing a redesign of your office lighting? The Lighting Application Sciences team is here to help! Office lighting has a big impact on your employee’s attitudes, happiness, productivity, and overall satisfaction at work. Why do you want satisfied employees? When your employees are happy at their job, your company will experience less turnover, which saves you money and avoids costly rehiring and training processes.

So, how do you begin ensuring the satisfaction of your employees? Although there are many elements that go into employee satisfaction, one you may not be considering is... office lighting! Certain office lighting can easily impact your employee’s mood, keeping them from feeling sleepy at work and focused on the task at hand! 

The LAS team is excited to work with you to develop an office lighting design that takes into consideration the specifics of your building and employee needs. Our advanced office lighting software can be used to create a replica of your office building complete with simulated shadows, pillars, windows, and walls. A look into your office building will help you and the LAS team better understand the final look of your office lighting design. 

Our office lighting designs are more than just functional. Our experienced lighting experts will craft beautiful designs that work with the interior design of your corporate building. Don’t worry about receiving a design you are unhappy with! Our experts will determine the placement of your lighting based on your company’s needs, atmosphere, and reputation. Our office lighting designs will help you represent your brand everywhere.

If you are looking to update your office lighting, or building a new location from scratch, LAS, LLC is your go-to team for superior office lighting. Don’t spend another day with unhappy employees, or an office building that doesn’t represent your brand well! Contact us to today to begin your next project!