Outdoor lighting plays a very important role in society especially as the sun sets and night falls. It can help prevent burglary, crime, and vandalism; but it is definitely needed for outdoor activities that take place at night. Without outdoor lighting, we couldn’t do activities like play a late night game of basketball, tennis, or even sit out on the porch and enjoy the company of our friends. Within the topic of outdoor lighting, there are subcategories for specific applications such as sports lighting and security lighting.  

One of the most important aspects of a Friday night football game or baseball game is the sports lighting that makes it possible for players and spectators to see. Flood lights are high intensity light beams that illuminate dark areas like the outdoor playing fields, amphitheaters, and stages. If it weren’t for flood lighting, people would be limited in the recreational activities scheduled during the evening hours. Almost every outdoor activity that takes place at night requires flood lighting or some sort of outdoor lighting.  

Security lighting can be useful to detect intruders and possibly avert intruders. In addition to homes, security lighting can brighten public areas like schools, parks, and parking garages to name a few. With successful security lighting, communities can cut crime and vandalism rates and provide a more secure feeling among its residents.