What is Building Information Modeling?

BIM is the process of generating and managing digital models of a facility.

These models can include information regarding the physical and functional characteristics of all objects placed in a space BIM models can be shared and collaborated on through the entire life cycle of the building, including the design phase.  A variety of programs exist for creating BIM files, LAS uses Autodesk Revit and ElumTools for all of our Building Information Models, which contain the extension “.rvt”.

How is Building Information Modeling used in lighting?

BIM files can be created for individual luminaires or entire spaces.

When creating BIM files for luminaires, IES files can be inserted into luminaire models using ElumTools to accurately depict light output and distribution.
BIM files for luminaires will enable lighting designers, engineers, architects and specifiers to place the luminaire into virtual building models to manage lighting data throughout the life cycle of a given project.

BIM files allow the client to visualize the design before completion.

3D renderings and walk-throughs can be generated from these models, with luminaires built as accurate objects that appear as they would in real life.

How can LAS, LLC assist your company with BIM files?

LAS can generate BIM files for select luminaires.

If you have accurate dimensions for a luminaire, we can build the luminaire as a functional object using Revit and ElumTools.
IES files can be added to the luminaire model to create a BIM file that will encompass both the appearance of the luminaire and the lighting properties of the IES file.

LAS can generate or use BIM models for lighting layouts.

Whether you provide a .rvt file of your facility, or we create one for you from other drawing files, LAS has the capabilities to read and edit BIM models using Autodesk Revit and ElumTools. 3D renderings and walk-throughs can be generated from these models, with luminaires built as accurate objects that appear as they would in real life.



Our assistance with your lighting needs will enhance your company’s productivity in the following ways:

Increase availability for performance of day-to-day tasks. Instantly add staff to your existing applications department or create an application to your department.  By using our services you will no longer be paying employee taxes, health insurance, retirement, equipment in overhead expenses.  We communicate directly with the assigned point of contact unless instructed otherwise.


1. Lighting Layouts

Assist in luminaire selection, location, and mounting heights as needed.  Provide lamping information for each luminaire according to cut sheets.  Ensure that all input wattages are accurate and provide LPD data as requested.  Be available to discuss the details of a layout with you and your associates.  Provide turnaround times that will enhance the sales of your products.

2. Technical Data/ Product Data

Comparison testing of your luminaire against selected competitors.  Written documentation of product comparison studies.  Assist your technical department with the design of reflectors, shielding, etc.

3. IES Files

Properly format all files in LM-63-2002 format and re-name for easy identification by the user.  Audit files for accuracy in lumen output, lamping information and luminaire description.  Edit luminous opening size in each file to accurately represent the luminaire. Prepare your files for web posting.  Create an Instabase that will be posted on the Lighting Analysts website.


A timely response to our request for any missing information will ensure that your layout be completed as quickly and accurately as possible. The application layout request will be assigned a reference number and placed in the queue.  If the project needs immediate attention, we will expedite the layout (at an additional cost), with your approval.

Includes: luminaire schedules, calculation summaries, isoline templates, renderings, project information 

Output formats: AutoCAD DWG, Adobe PDF


We can provide assistance to marketing personnel with new product catalog logic, cut sheet creation, ordering structure, technical data sheets and conversion charts.

Includes: luminaire schedules, calculation summaries, isoline templates, renderings, project information 

Output formats: Adobe PDF, Word, or Excel as required.


Parking lots and garages have critical zones of potential pedestrian and vehicular contact. Maintaing safe lighting levels is crucial for both users and security staff. LAS can provide calculations for all types of parking areas, from open-area shopping malls, to multi-level structures. 

Note: LAS will only provide photopic calculations; No mesopic calculations are offered.

Includes: luminaire schedules, calculation summaries, isoline templates, renderings, project information 


Questions to consider:

Do you supply IES files to your sales representatives or post them on your website?
Can your potential customers find the product they want by the title of the file?
Are they in the proper IESNA2002 format?
Do you have a person dedicated to maintaining your files?
Would you like the opportunity to have your files seen by lighting professionals worldwide?

Our services can help you answer all of these questions.

IES File Formatting

We will to the best of our ability format the text portion of an IES file as recommended by current IESNA standards. We will not knowingly create or distribute files indicating one source when created by another source, and we will only create IES files from same lamp envelope IES files. 
We will not mix sources or change lamp envelopes, (a 175 watt ED17 lamp can’t be prorated to a 400 watt BT37 lamp). 

We will create prorated IES files by the lumen ratio method for different wattages within the same envelope (i.e. size and lamp finish are the same) and source on approval by manufacturer.

NOTE:  Although we can edit IES files, LAS does not create ies files.  We are not a testing facility.

"In my years of experience in working with Lighting Application Sciences I have found Jennifer and her team to be very knowledgeable and adept at producing the types of lighting photometric plans that are required for my projects. They work in a very timely manner, returning my layouts in a time frame that is acceptable to our customers. Should there be additional changes required, LAS is always willing to get them made and returned quickly. Their professionalism and attention to the product they return to their clients is what keeps my firm returning to them for lighting application engineering."

-Mary Tipton, Lighting Virginia

"I highly recommend LAS and there services offered. We have had nothing but timely and accurate response from LAS. The quality and care taken in the design assistance by LAS is impeccable. The associates are courteous and knowledgeable. The owner is highly respected industry wide for her design acumen and AGI proficiency."

-Greg Fisher,Fisher Lighting and Controls

"The friendly LAS team is easy to work with, experts in their field, quick to respond, and provides what is needed for each challenging job we bring to the table. I definitely recommend LAS."

-Sean Cheney, Outside Specification Sales

South Coast Lighting and Design

"My office has worked closely with the Lighting Application Sciences team since 2015, and I can personally attest to their responsiveness and quality outputs having greatly enhanced our business development opportunities during that span.We know when a project is submitted for lighting layout and photometric analysis, Jennifer and staff will address in a timely fashion and strictly adhere to the instructions we have provided on their Application Details Form, as well as Industry guidelines...

-Tim Kirby, Facility Solutions Group – Dallas,TX Branch