What can Lighting Application Sciences, LLC do for you? We create custom lighting designs for sports arenas, parking lots and garages, roadways, and interior environments! Additionally, our team handles security lighting design projects, performs daylighting calculations, and generates lighting renderings. When you select the LAS, LLC team as your lighting designers, you can expect an innovative and functional lighting design! 

For our exterior lighting designs, LAS LLC takes into account the needs of your space, and any state or local codes and ordinances, or the recommended practices of the Illuminating Engineering Society. Our security lighting designs will ensure optimal safety levels for your staff and guests. We even consider the placement of security cameras... So you can make sure to see what’s captured on video! Our roadway lighting designs can incorporate Illuminating Engineering Society recommended practices to ensure that your road is safely lit. Additionally, our parking lot and parking garage lighting designs take into account the unique shape of your area and pay special attention to areas of pedestrian and vehicular contact. Our flood lighting designs will keep your building, statue, bridge, or roller coaster looking its best... Our lighting designs will never detract from the look and art of your building. 

The LAS, LLC team’s interior lighting designs use careful daylighting calculations to maximize efficiency, reduce thermal buildup, create a comfortable environment, and take advantage of the sun’s natural light! All of our interior lighting designs are constructed using a three-dimensional builder to provide you the most accurate representation possible. For our interior designs, we take into account permanent and semi-permanent structures in your spaces such as windows, walls, floors, and dividing walls. See what our interior lighting designs can do for your space! 

Trust your lighting designs to LAS LLC. We have over twenty years of experience in the lighting business handling a multitude of projects!