You spend a lot of time making sure your customers see your business exactly how you want. You design a logo; painstakingly approve mail outs, menus, and business cards. You worry about designing your offices or retail location. But, aside from designs, how do your customers see and experience your designs is just as important!  

What do we mean? Parking lot lighting, outdoor lighting, and retail lighting all impact how your customers see and relate to your products and building. Here’s how these three specific areas can keep your clients feeling happy and safe and loving your products. 

Parking Lot Lighting 

We’ll start outside and work our way into your business- just like your new customers would. First, if your business is open late at night, or early in the morning, then you should consider parking lot lighting especially important. Adequate parking lot lighting keeps your customers, and employees, safer from muggings and car theft. Plus, it will make everyone feel safer, more protected, and more at ease. These associations can easily be translated into your brand. 

Outdoor Lighting 

Although parking lot lighting may fall into the outdoor lighting category, we thought it was especially important. That’s why we gave it its' own section. However, outdoor lighting also encompasses how you light the exterior of your building. It’s important when attracting customers to your business, and for making it easy for your customers to find you! Plus, proper outdoor lighting can help your security cameras capture better images, and deter thieves. 

Retail Lighting  

Lastly, we move into your retail store. Retail lighting includes all the lighting you use inside your store to set the mood, highlight products, and help customers see inside your store! Retail lighting can be much more influential than you think. Our experts can help you design a lighting scheme that drives customers to select items, calm their nerves, and doesn’t cause lighting damage to your items.  

Now that you know more about the importance of lighting design, in your parking lot, outside, and inside your store, it’s time to meet with an LAS expert and begin improving your retail location!