How does the Lighting Application Sciences, LLC team design a lighting layout perfectly customized to your space? With the help of sophisticated software such as: Revit, Autocad, Photometric Toolbox, and Agi32. See how we can take into consideration room size, structures, windows, daylighting and walls when we are designing your layout... for both interior and exterior designs.

We begin with a modest design of your space and then add more complicated structuring as we complete our design. We create your “room” size. This could mean the area of your outdoor stadium, parking lot, or an interior office. Then, our lighting specialists include more information into our lighting calculations to perfect and customize your design. Our calculations are equipped to consider interior or exterior structures, including walls, columns, corners, windows, furniture, and other potential items that could hinder the lighting effectiveness.

When you bring LAS, LLC into design your lighting with our lighting calculations, you can know that our designs have been created specifically for your venue or interior space. Our team is prepared to design for numerous interior and exterior spaces including office buildings, retail stores, sports arenas, roller coasters, parking lots, parking garages, and expressways. 

For a design you can trust, and a team with industry standard technology, LAS, LLC, is the choice for a dependable, customizable design for your interior or exterior venue. Our lighting calculations will show us, and you, how your design will look... before you even begin construction! 

Don’t be left in the dark... Know what your design will look like, and how it will function in your space. With the use of our lighting calculations, the LAS, LLC should be your choice for your lighting design! Contact us today to see how we can bring your next project to life!