Starting up a new business? Building a new office? The most important aspect of new construction is lighting. You can take many different routes when deciding how you want your interior lit. LAS can assist you with many different services including daylighting and watts/sq.ft. (LPD) calculations. Lighting can be a fun and creative outlet when constructing your office, commercial, or retail buildings. Let us help you in designing your perfect building that will wow your peers! 

Offices are where most Americans spend their time because of work, so this is why we find office lighting so important. Being a key part of vision, creative and effective office lighting can increase feelings of wellbeing for employees - resulting in a better working environment. 

Commercial lighting can be very involved and not everyone has expertise to formulate their lighting plan. So let us handle your commercial lighting design. Since we are an independent contractor, we will do our best to create a premium commercial lighting plan for your company.  

Retail lighting is a booming and constantly changing business and that is why we provide quick turnaround to keep you looking outstanding to your customers. We provide advanced retail lighting services through our programs such as AutoCAD, AGi32, and Photometric Toolbox. With over 20 years of experience, our team can tackle all of your retail lighting requests.