Daylighting studies provide information on how far sunlight will reach into a space, as well as locations of possible hot spots that may occur throughout the day.  A daylighting study can provide insight that will allow you to proactively optimize building design, lessen thermal gains, improve interior comfort levels, and increase energy savings.

Includes: luminaire schedules, calculation summaries, isoline templates, renderings, project information 

Output formats: AutoCAD DWG, Adobe PDF


Most Interior Spaces will be built in 3D in order to provide the most accurate readings possible.  Calculation points will be placed either at grade or 2.6′ A.F.F. based upon the tasks to be completed in each space.  Unless otherwise noted, rendered areas will be calculated and rendered in grayscale. Furniture such as workstations and chairs will not be included in the interior environment, as they are not fixed objects. However, semi-permanent dividing walls may be taken into consideration. 
In order to begin a job, the client/representative will be required to supply the following: 

An AutoCAD (or equivalent) Floorplan and RCP of the necessary spaces.
AutoCAD drawings will need to have all external references bound before sending.
Reflectances for ceilings/walls/floors (standards are 80/50/20)
Ceiling Heights
Mounting Heights
Luminaire types (cutsheets are best), IES files, and locations footcandle criteria or instructions to meet IES RP guidelines

When layout is completed we'll provide to you: AutoCAD DWG and Adobe pdf file(s) that contain: luminaire schedules, calculation summaries, isoline templates, renderings (if required), and pertinent project information.


Typical rendered environments will be built with grayscale blocking objects.  Spaces can be built with semi-realistic finishes, colors, and textures, but additional detail will increase not only the amount of time required to build the space, but the calculation precessing time. If you would like to have renderings provided on your calculation layout, feel free to let us know.

Includes: luminaire schedules, calculation summaries, isoline templates, renderings, project information 

Output formats: AutoCAD DWG, Adobe PDF


The human eye views the world around them in many different layers. The effect of shadows,  the emphasis of contrast, the highlight of an architectural feature can be difficult to grasp in a 2D plan, or a photometric layout with only calculated values.  

With architects, interior designers, contractors, and owners as your clients you need the power to expressively relay your design concept, product performance, and lighting expertise. Exterior perspectives can emphasize the design and materials of the facade and how the photometrically accurate lighting design interacts with that virtual environment. Interior perspectives can provide proof of lighting concept for architectural features and different tasks within the space. An enhanced visualization of an interior or exterior project can provide you the ability to captivate your clients imagination. 

We are excited to assist you with your project. We will provide proofs throughout the process so you can have the opportunity to ensure we’re exceeding your expectations. Visit our Contact Us page to start the conversation. 

Includes: Dependent upon order request  
Output formats: .JPG, .PNG, .MKV Media File

"In my years of experience in working with Lighting Application Sciences I have found Jennifer and her team to be very knowledgeable and adept at producing the types of lighting photometric plans that are required for my projects. They work in a very timely manner, returning my layouts in a time frame that is acceptable to our customers. Should there be additional changes required, LAS is always willing to get them made and returned quickly. Their professionalism and attention to the product they return to their clients is what keeps my firm returning to them for lighting application engineering."

-Mary Tipton, Lighting Virginia

"I highly recommend LAS and there services offered. We have had nothing but timely and accurate response from LAS. The quality and care taken in the design assistance by LAS is impeccable. The associates are courteous and knowledgeable. The owner is highly respected industry wide for her design acumen and AGI proficiency."

-Greg Fisher,Fisher Lighting and Controls

"The friendly LAS team is easy to work with, experts in their field, quick to respond, and provides what is needed for each challenging job we bring to the table. I definitely recommend LAS."

-Sean Cheney, Outside Specification Sales

South Coast Lighting and Design

"My office has worked closely with the Lighting Application Sciences team since 2015, and I can personally attest to their responsiveness and quality outputs having greatly enhanced our business development opportunities during that span.We know when a project is submitted for lighting layout and photometric analysis, Jennifer and staff will address in a timely fashion and strictly adhere to the instructions we have provided on their Application Details Form, as well as Industry guidelines...

-Tim Kirby, Facility Solutions Group – Dallas,TX Branch