When your employees aren’t happy, your office productivity decreases significantly. However, it might take more than you think to keep your employees on task. Their productivity can depend on a variety of factors- including your office interior lighting. Let’s talk about how bad lighting can be affecting your employees. 
Problem #1: Eye Strain Poor interior lighting can cause unnecessary eye strain for your employees. Over time, eye strain can become painful and uncomfortable for your employees. In fact, in offices with lots of careful reading and calculations, poor interior lighting could lead to limited concentration- which means more mistakes and less work completed for you. 

Problem #2: Drowsiness and BoredomBad interior lighting often means inadequate light sources and a dark office space. With a dark office comes employee drowsiness and boredom. When a person is not exposed to proper lighting, they will find themselves becoming sleepier... and less productive. Additionally, boredom in the office could lower your employee’s motivation and morale.

Problem #3: HeadachesWith the added eye strain and lower concentration, poor interior lighting can easily cause headaches for your employees. This means increased discomfort, and in extreme cases an increased need for time off, which also lowers the productivity of your office. In fact, according to the International Commission on Illumination, people often experience more headaches when exposed to fluorescent lamps that are commonly found in offices. 
Poor interior lighting can cause a host of problems in your employees including increased eye strain, drowsiness, boredom and headaches. All of these problems lower your employees’productivity through different ways. By redesigning your office interior lighting to be employee friendly, you could see a return on your investment and an increase in office productivity. LAS, LLC would love to begin talking with you about the next steps in your interior lighting redesign.