GBCI is the certification body for USGBC’s global LEED green building rating system and it recently announced that it would now administer the Green Garage Certification Program. The COO of USGBC and president of GBCI, Mahesh Ramanujam, believes that through innovative green parking practices, we can advance sustainability. With this, our parking structures around our community will reduce the environmental impact and increase energy efficiency.  

Lighting Applications Sciences (LAS) assists with lighting architectural design for all kinds of businesses from offices to stadiums. With the help of LAS, GBCI can achieve their goals of maintaining energy efficiency and stronger community relationships. LAS can also contribute their services to the Green Garage Certification Program by assisting with their design and technology for their garage lighting system. The Green Garage Certification Program is the world’s only rating system recognizing sustainable practices in parking structure management andprogramming. A range of experts such as architects, engineers, and technicians developed this program. LAS, being knowledgeable and experienced in technology and architecture, would be a prime contractor in doing business with GBCI because an important aspect in building parking garages is the lighting inside and around the garage to ensure safety to the public. 

"Sustainability in parking is integral to the greening of the built environment," states Ramanujam. "By acquiring GPC and taking over the administration of this program, we are furthering GBCI’s portfolio and mission to recognize excellence in green performance, business and practice." 

GBCI offers the technology and infrastructure necessary to meet the ability to connect the parking industry to the advancing sustainability in communities worldwide. Green Garage Certification was developed with support of the International Parking Institute (IPI) to create an industry-specific approach for recognizing green garages. LAS can assist and offer a different insight on thetechnology and design of their green garages. With this, LAS can gain experience of green technology and advance their client base.