Why should I use you instead of using a manufacturer’s application department that provides layouts?

By using our services you have the ability to combine multiple manufacturers onto one plan that will consider contribution from all included sources and provide a complete fixture count and a more thorough picture of what will be seen once the products are installed.
By using our services you can receive an unbiased review of what products work or don’t work based on provided specifications.
Our company tends to have a faster turn-around time than most manufacturers.
We’re really nice people to work with!

What if I send you a lighting layout request and LAS has already worked on that project for another client?

We will not knowingly duplicate lighting layouts for a project. Our policy is to produce a photometric study for the first client who sends a job to us. From time to time it may be necessary for us to refuse a project if it has already been recorded in our system.

How long does it take you to do a “typical parking lot”?

This depends on:
1. The quality of the file that we get: dwg file, hand drawing, scanned image, dxf file, image file, etc.
2. What specifications need to be met; none, city codes, township ordinances, LEED, watts/sq ft.
3. Whether you want a point-by-point, rendering, or enhanced visualization.
4. Product comparison between several different styles or just one iteration with your favorite.
5. Is mounting height given, prescribed by code, or do we get to pick?6. Is your definition of “typical parking lot” a 2 pole convenience store, or a 30-50 pole shopping mall?

Why do you need all this information about the project to do a layout for us? Aren’t there “standard sized” buildings and rooms you can use?

We try not to assume anything. There are standards for things such as door and cabinet sizes but there are no such things as universal standards for room height, or room size. Things would be pretty boring if there were! Even in baseball and softball fields there are about 8 different sized “standard” fields to choose from and two different baseline distances seen. The more information you can provide us the better we’ll be able to assess and create an accurate layout for you. The old adage, “garage in-garbage out” truly applies here.

Why do you need elevation views for rooms?

When there are changes in ceiling elements we need to know where these take place. It affects mounting heights and we actually build these elements into the room so it affects light disbursement.

Why do you need the mounting height, if you already have the ceiling height?

If the application calls for a pendant mounted fixture we need to know high the fixture will be mounted. With direct/indirect or fully indirect pendants the distance from the bottom of the fixture to the ceiling will change how light being emitted upwards is reflected off the ceiling and hits the other surfaces, thus changing the lighting levels and/or pattern.

"In my years of experience in working with Lighting Application Sciences I have found Jennifer and her team to be very knowledgeable and adept at producing the types of lighting photometric plans that are required for my projects. They work in a very timely manner, returning my layouts in a time frame that is acceptable to our customers. Should there be additional changes required, LAS is always willing to get them made and returned quickly. Their professionalism and attention to the product they return to their clients is what keeps my firm returning to them for lighting application engineering."

-Mary Tipton, Lighting Virginia

"I highly recommend LAS and there services offered. We have had nothing but timely and accurate response from LAS. The quality and care taken in the design assistance by LAS is impeccable. The associates are courteous and knowledgeable. The owner is highly respected industry wide for her design acumen and AGI proficiency."

-Greg Fisher,Fisher Lighting and Controls

"The friendly LAS team is easy to work with, experts in their field, quick to respond, and provides what is needed for each challenging job we bring to the table. I definitely recommend LAS."

-Sean Cheney, Outside Specification Sales

South Coast Lighting and Design

"My office has worked closely with the Lighting Application Sciences team since 2015, and I can personally attest to their responsiveness and quality outputs having greatly enhanced our business development opportunities during that span.We know when a project is submitted for lighting layout and photometric analysis, Jennifer and staff will address in a timely fashion and strictly adhere to the instructions we have provided on their Application Details Form, as well as Industry guidelines...

-Tim Kirby, Facility Solutions Group – Dallas,TX Branch