There’s a single element that can take your building or structure from “okay...” to “WOW!” What is it? The careful design of your flood lighting. At the most basic level, we all want our structures to be visible at night. But, don’t ruin your beautiful design with ill-placed lighting elements. Instead, your flood lighting should accent your building, while providing function. The Lighting Application Sciences, LLC team has experience flood lighting numerous structures including façades, flags, signs, statues, bridges, architectural elements, and even roller coasters! What can we add to your project? 

When our team of experts first enter a project, we look at the design of your structure. We believe that flood lighting, like all of our lighting designs, should provide both form and function. In other words, we want to light your building, bridges, statue, or sign so that visitors can both see it well, and without excess or obstructive lights detracting from your design. Our team will provide you our careful calculations that feature both horizontal and vertical flood lights... so you can get the best possible look! 

Apart from keeping your building visible at night, why is flood lighting so important? A well-lit bridge, building, sign, or statue will keep your visitors safer at night. And a safe environment attracts more people! With a well-designed flood lighting system, your structure can perform its intended purpose easier. Your buildings, bridges, signs, and statues will be seen as a safe place to its users. 

However, flood lighting also adds to the aesthetics of your structure... A thrilling ride on your roller coaster becomes even more memorable for your guests with careful light placement. And your beautiful statue or building? Who could argue against the art put into its design, especially once you use our flood lighting designs to carefully accent its best features at night! 

Picture your structure lit up at night... as iconic as the Parisian Eiffel Tower! Contact LAS to see what our flood lighting can add to your design.