Commercial buildings, sporting arenas, parking lots, garages, roadways, and interior environments: wherever you need lighting, we will be able to create a custom lighting design unique to your needs. Along with designing the lighting in and around your building, we calculate the lighting and hold all of your IES files. Whatever you need done in the realm of lighting, make sure to contact Lighting Application Sciences, LLC (LAS) today.

When it comes to lighting design, we take into account the needs of your space, watts/sq. ft., and any state requirements that are necessary. We want to make sure that the lighting design we create for you matches everything that you need. 

With over 30 years of lighting design experience within our team, we are capable of creating the most optimal designs for your parking structures, commercial buildings, or monuments. We are able to get our lighting designs completed with the help of an advanced lighting software. This software takes into consideration room size, structures, windows, daylighting, and walls that allow us to give you an accurate simulation of what the lighting will be like when we are designing your layout for both interior and exterior designs.

For manufacturers, we also deal with the setup, review, and maintenance of IES files. When your files are well organized, properly formatted, and keywords are utilized, your clients will be impressed with your company’s professionalism. We’ll help you send the right impression every time. If you are interested in IES file review, editing, or management, simply select the level of service you would like and notify LAS. We are happy to begin work on your files.  

Lighting design can be a tricky situation if you are not working with the right company. Here at LAS, we will give you everything that you need in terms of lighting services leaving you nothing but satisfied with our work.