The LAS, LLC team is excited to finally bring our customer relationship management software live for you! But, with this new project of ours becoming reality, do you know what the real benefits are? As an LAS, LLC client, our new customer relationship management platform will bring you these major benefits.  

But first... Let’s explain what a customer relationship management (or CRM for short) platform will actually do for us and you! Our software’s main purpose is to streamline all the major points where our team comes in contact with you. So our team can easily monitor important analytics, such as how quickly we respond to concerns, how many client appointments we have coming up, and other day-to-day tasks. This way we can work to become even more efficient!  

Now let’s talk about the benefits you will see after we bring our customer relationship management software live.

1.Precise Deadlines 
With the help of our CRM software, our team is able to easily schedule and sync important dates into one easy-to-view space. Now we can more easily provide you with accurate and up-to-date information on your project. You will know at what stage of completion your project is at whenever you want!

2.Increased Valuable Communication 
With our customer relationship management platform, the LAS, LLC team will beavailable to you in a much more interactive form. We will be capable of engaging in conversation that isn’t confusing or invaluable. With all of your information at our fingertips, we’ll be able to better understand your questions and needs, before we answer your concerns. 

3.A Happier You 
The most important benefit to you is the most important benefit to us as well! The LAS, LLC team has integrated the use of CRM software to make sure you are happier with your service. With the help of our software, you and our team will have a less stressful and smoother project- completed just like you like it! 

We’re ready to bring our customer relationship management software live to our website. So we can begin to bring these major benefits to our clients, including you! Let’s get started on your newest lighting project together.