Are you looking to take your building’s lighting to the next level? Lighting can be used to highlight your beautiful interior design, keep your employees safe, enhance your overall productivity, and add to the architectural design of your building too! To truly realize the potential of your lighting, you need the help of a commercial lighting company. The LAS, LLC team will help you realize your dreams. What value can a commercial lighting company add to your lighting project? Our team of lighting experts can aid you in your interior and exterior lighting and your lighting product support!  

The LAS, LLC interior lighting services include daylighting calculations and rendering generation. Our daylighting calculations provide information on how far sunlight reaches into a space, such as your office building. Plus, our team will use our daylighting calculations to locate possible hot spots that may occur throughout the day. These calculations, done by our professional commercial lighting company, will allow you to proactively optimize your building design, lessen thermal gains, improve comfort levels, and increase your energy savings. With our rendering generation services, our commercial lighting company team will recreate your building so you can see how lighting and the daylight will look in your space. We can add a surprising amount of detail to your rendering generation design.  

Our exterior lighting services, performed by a commercial lighting company, includes security lighting, sports lighting, flood lighting, and parking lot and garage lighting. With these high quality, professional designs by the LAS, LLC team, your mind will be at ease! Our lighting designs can help keep your employees, customers, and building safe from harm. Our sports, parking lot and garage lighting services will optimize the features of your arena or lot with special attention on those high traffic areas.  

Invest in the services of our commercial lighting company to unleash the potential of your building, employees, and customers! LAS, LLC is waiting for your call!