When you (or your architect) carefully designed your building, it required a lot of work, attention to detail and time! But, the result is beautiful, isn’t it? At LAS, LLC we recognize that buildings are works of art. What’s the only thing that can ruin your beautiful building, the perfect combination of form and function? Night time. Because then, it’s too dark to fully appreciate, or find, it! That’swhy you need to call in the experts from LAS, LLC. We’ll get work on designing architectural lighting that works with the features of your building to create a night time masterpiece! 

How do we begin our architectural lighting process? With you! Our architectural lighting designs will be completed with your individual preferences in mind, such as budget, design, look, and feel. Plus, our careful and conscientious designers always take into consideration your neighbors, tenants, and the night skyline. Lighting can turn an exceptional building into a night time beauty. All without detracting from the architecture during daylight hours. We strive to combine functionality and atheistic appeal into our designs. 

We challenge you to consider some of the most popular buildings in the world? What makes these architectural feats memorable? The lighting! What would the Eiffel Tower be without its’ dazzling appearance at night! Where would the Empire State Building be without the ability to light up the New York City skyline in the evening? It’s time to take your building from the background to an iconic image. With the right architectural lighting your building won’t just light up the dark. It’ll shine! 

At LAS, LLC we want to create the best possible architectural design for your building. Our years of experience mean we are prepared to deliver exceptional results. Let’s see what we can design together.