Architectural lighting can be thought of as the lighting both inside and outside your commercial building. This lighting is more important than you might think. Your lighting design attracts customers to your store from the outside, guides them through your store on the inside, and keeps them and your merchandise safe from harm. With such important tasks left up to your commercial lighting, trust the design with experts- like the LAS, LLC team! 

What do we consider when building your lighting design? Webegin with the four primary types of commercial lighting including ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting. Each of these lighting types are utilized differently in your lighting design. For example, task lighting helps provide additional light where it is especially needed to perform certain tasks, such as the entrance or check out areas.  

Once we move past the types of lighting needed in your architectural lighting plan, we consider the day-to-day effects of your lighting design. For example, we ensure that your lighting design is not overpowering to customers, fading your products, or misrepresenting the color of your merchandise. These aspects are just as important to your commercial lighting plan as the types of lighting used. 

Next, our team will factor in the maintenance and energy cost of your design for your commercial building. While upfront costs are important to consider, the biggest issues with lighting can come from inefficient designs and poor lighting choices. With the help of our designers, you can have an architectural lighting plan that promises to meet your budget and lighting needs for years to come.  

Begin tackling your commercial lighting plan today! This important aspect of your business cannot be ignored until the end. Contact our designers to begin your architectural lighting design.