Lighting inside your home, within an office building, and inside a retail store isn’t actually that different! While each requires special considerations, residential lighting and commercial lighting both boil down to the impact of lighting on the architecture of your area. We’re going to discuss the impact of architectural lighting on homes and commercial buildings alike- with benefits you may not have realized.

Residential Lighting  

Lighting in your home may seem like a given, but you may not realize how much it impacts your home. Your electricity bills, the size of your rooms, even your resale value can be impacted and improved by proper residential lighting techniques. For example, energy efficient designs and lighting fixtures can save you real money on your electricity- including your AC bill. Improper residential lighting layouts can create hot spots in areas where sunlight and artificial light overlap heavily. Plus, as we’ve all seen, proper lighting can make rooms look bigger, adding interest and demand while on the market.

Commercial Lighting  

Much like residential lighting, commercial lighting can have a big impact on energy efficiency, and the look and feel of a space. Proper lighting designs can save you money, cut down on heat, and more- just like in a home. However, commercial lighting also has a big impact on a consumer. Proper commercial lighting designs can highlight areas in a retail location, improve visibility and customer mood, and impact the experience of your clients. Isn’t it time you brought in a professional to help with your commercial lighting layout?  

Overall, architectural lighting can have numerous impacts on the look, feel, and functionality of space, whether it’s a residential or commercial property. Contact the LAS team to begin improving your lighting design today! You’ll be amazed at the results.