When you think of a lighting application company, you probably don’t think they would have anything to do with the daytime. The truth is, here at Lighting Application Sciences LLC, we deal heavily with daylighting. The different lighting that you can get during the day can heavily change your home and place of business whether you know it or not. Our daylighting services will help to optimize your interior lighting.

Now you may be wondering what daylighting actually is. Daylighting, first, is the study of how natural light enters a building and can produce hot zones. Next, we take that information and our team can better design your lighting schematic. A daylighting study will help us proactively optimize your building’s design, lessen thermal gains, improve interior comfort levels, and increase your energy savings. In other words, with the help of daylighting, our design will make sure your space is well-lit with the sun’s natural light and artificial light. Not only does this keep the inside of your building cooler and more comfortable, it will decrease your energy bill.

Not only do we deal with the natural light of the day, but we specialize in lighting up the dark. Keeping your place of business well-lit should be a priority of yours. It shows off your building when it gets darker, and it keeps any unwanted guests from hiding around in the dark. The best way to do that is with our commercial outdoor lighting. We will work with you to choose outdoor lights that hit important areas while limiting the number of lights to only what is necessary. Now that your building is well-lit, the next step is your parking lot lighting. 

Make sure your late night customers and employees feel safe leaving your building with commercial outdoor lighting and parking lot lighting. When designing the lighting for your commercial building or home, make sure to contact LAS, LLC to get the job done right.